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Solicitors Divorce Online

Solicitors Divorce Online have used decades of divorce experience to create the ultimate online divorce service. We have utilised cutting edge technology – coupled with a team of skilled and experienced solicitors – to provide the most efficient, affordable solicitor-led divorces for a fixed price with flexible payment options.

Traditional divorce costs have spiralled in recent years, which led to the creation of cheap online divorce services, administered by unqualified, unregulated individuals.

As a result, many thousands of divorcees have been left with a difficult choice: save money and risk their divorce being handled incorrectly or instruct a solicitor and accept high costs.

At Solicitors Divorce Online we believe no-one should have to make such a choice. We’re the only online divorce provider offering fixed-fee services provided by qualified solicitors.

We offer the cheapest upfront payment for a solicitor managed product online!

Why Choose Solicitors Divorce Online

We’re a modern and innovative firm who’re determined to meet the needs of our clients by working around their busy lives. Whilst other law firms still only operate during standard business hours, our helplines are available until 9pm Weekdays. We’re also the only law firm to offer online tracking services to each of our clients; allowing them to check the progress of their divorce whenever it’s convenient.

  • Your divorce will be handled by a solicitor – but you’ll still save thousands of pounds!
  • Flexible payment options – pay your deposit today and arrange to pay the balance in monthly instalments!
  • Cheapest upfront payment for any online solicitor managed divorce!
  • You’ll receive expert legal advice throughout each stage of the process.
  • We’re the only online divorce provider to offer services that are exclusively solicitor-led.
  • We’re accredited Family Law Solicitors and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

SolicitorsDivorceOnline’s Services

Fixed Fee


For too long, divorcing couples have been faced with an extremely difficult choice: save money and compromise on quality by choosing an online divorce service or, alternatively, instruct a solicitor and accept that, due to outdated and inefficient practices, you’ll be receiving a very large bill at the end of the process. It’s time this changed!

Solicitors Divorce Online combine modern techniques and processes with the expertise of traditional high-street solicitors in order to provide a divorce service that is both high in quality and low in price.

Fixed Fee Plus


Get all of the benefits of our solicitor-led fixed-fee divorce service and secure your financial future with a professionally drafted and binding Consent Order.

By making the division of assets final and binding, you can ensure that you’re financially secure both now and in the future.

Find out more about Consent Orders.

Fixed Hourly Rate

If your divorce is contested or there are significant disputes over finances or children we’d recommend our affordable fixed-rate hourly service so that you’re afforded the flexible and comprehensive assistance you require.

Our rates are highly-competitive, we’re fully regulated and possess more than two decades of experience.

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Talk to one of our Divorce Specialists for free advice now


Lynne Isaac and her team were very helpful, polite and professional when dealing with my divorce. They had an empathetic ear which was extremely needed at the time. The costs were explained fully and got good quality service throughout. Many thanks for all your support. I would definitely refer for others to use this company.

This is the second time in 2017 that i have used Endeavour Law, and I will use them again too. Ian George is the best solicitor i have ever used, and it is always a pleasure dealing with him. A reliable, professional service every time.