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Divorce Online is your Online Divorce resources and do-it-yourself web center, with divorce forms and papers, as well as a large collection of divorce laws and their application to any State in the US. If you are considering divorce, or already in the middle of one, we have all the forms and paperwork you'll need - and you won't need to hire an attorney. Our document center is complete with every divorce form for every state, so you won't have to search hundreds of websites to find what you're looking for. Our one-step do-it-yourself, divorce kit is so popular and easy to use you'll wonder why you didn't stop in and see us before you went somewhere else!

Here is a divorce checklist with items that need attention in every divorce. Local state or county laws will of course change some of these parameters but this should prove a userful guide.

Divorce Checklist
WHo gets the Income tax exemptions and for which items

Separation and ownership of Property

Dividing up real estate

Completion of Income taxes in consideration of previous joint filings

Agreement to hold other spouse harmless